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Marquis ATV-17 - BOS Leisure Bristol - Hot Tubs Bristol, Hot Tubs Bath, Swimming Pools Bath, Swimming Pools Bristol, Hot Tub Bath, Hot Tub Bristol
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ATV™-17 Specifications

  • size US: 204" x 89.5” x 61”
  • size INT: 518cm x 227cm x 155cm
  • weight dry: 3,062lb / 1,388kg
  • weight full: 22,450lb / 10,180kg
  • water depth: 53” / 135 cm
  • ozonator: corona discharge
  • Therapy seats: 1 full depth, 1 cool down
  • filtration: dual filter 120 sq ft
  • synthetic exterior: Espresso or Ash
  • interior: Ocean Blue, Sky Blue or Frost White
  • control panel: side located
  • skimmers: integrated cover/LED lit
  • insulation: full foam
  • swim tether anchors: 2 sets
  • water capacity: 2,400 gal / 9,085 l
  • electrical: 50 amp (60hz) / 32 A (50hz
  • ATV™-17 Sport pumps: 
    3 two-speed 160 gpm / 606 lpm
  • ATV™-17 Kona pumps: 
    2 two-speed 360 gpm / 1,363 lpm & 1 two-speed 160 gpm / 606 lpm
  • ATV™-17 Sport:
    swim jets 6 high volume turbo jets; flow rate 480 gpm / 1817 lpm
  • ATV™-17 Kona:
    swim jets 6 Whitewater-4, 2 Buoyancy jets; flow rate 1000 gpm / 3,785 lpm

The Marquis ATV-17TM Swim Spa

The ATV™-17 Sport also provides expanded swim and workout versatility with an extra 3 ft. / 91.4 cm of length and 5 in. / 12.7 cm of depth (53 in. / 135 cm total water depth). Twin-end tether points offer more workout options with and against the flow in both Sport models.

ATV™-17 Kona is the top performance 17 ft. / 518.2 cm vessel with 2 two-speed 360 gpm / 1,363 lpm swim end pumps (720 gpm / 2,726 lpm total pump flow).

Marquis®' innovative Whitewater-4 jets are a Kona exclusive and provide a wall of water to maximize your swim pace options and workout rigor. Class 4 white water is known as ‘advanced' in the outdoor sports world. With Whitewater-4, you will feel the flow difference…for real. The Kona's exclusive system design actually uses the Whitewater-4 jets to deliver water flow beyond the volumes created by the pumps, delivering up to 39% more flow than comparably sized jets available anywhere else in swim spas or hot tubs.

A third 160 gpm / 606 lpm pump powers the therapy seats and our revolutionary Buoyancy Jets. The Kona offers a paired mid-vessel Buoyancy Jets feature that provides mid-to lower torso lift during swim exercises. This provides a unique alternative dynamic to your body position in the water during your workout. Twin-end tethers and deep-water anchor points expand the versatility and variety of strength, resistance bands and conditioning workouts in 53 in. / 135 cm of water.

ATV-17™ optional features

  • audio system: Bluetooth, subwoofer, 4 surface speakers
  • interior lighting: 22-point LED light system
  • fountains: 12-point w/LED lights
  • cover lifts: 2 Cover Companions
  • Wi-Fi: Equipped
  • audio options: audio port, floating remote
  • rowing system: Resistance & Rowing Kit
  • ATV™ steps: Espresso or Ash
  • wi-fi module

Marquis ATV-17 - BOS Leisure Bristol - Hot Tubs Bristol, Hot Tubs Bath, Swimming Pools Bath, Swimming Pools Bristol, Hot Tub Bath, Hot Tub Bristol

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Marquis ATV-17